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Derrel Jeffrey, LCSW Counseling & Consulting

DJ    Derrel Jeffrey, LCSW Counseling & Consulting

I was trained in EMDR in Austin, Texas by Rick Levinson in 2017. I became an EMDR Certified therapist in 2020.

I am currently forming an EMDRIA consulting group as a Consultant In Training.

EMDR Consultation

New EMDR consultation group forming for newly trained or experienced EMDR clinicians seeking to become EMDRIA Certified. I am a Consultant In Training (CIT) offering consultation to EMDR trained therapists who have finished basic training and want to:

* enhance their skills to complete the 10 hours of consultation to meet EMDR basic training requirements
* build confidence using EMDR
* to gain knowledge regarding complex trauma, or to achieve the EMDRIA Certification credential

 I am able to provide up to 15 hours of group and individual consultation. Group and individual consultation will begin in January 2023 on the 3rd Friday of the month beginning January 20th from 9 am to 11 am online through Zoom and/or in person at my office location at 4949 Franklin Ave. Ste 308 B, Waco, Texas, 76710. Group is limited to 5 consultees.  

 For questions contact me by phone at 254-218-2389, or by email at [email protected] 



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